How Relaxed Mind Therapy can help

These are some examples of things I can help with, but it’s not an exhaustive list. Please feel free to contact me if there’s any other issue you’d like to discuss. Read on below to find out more.

Overcome Anxiety

Learn to control your anxiety

Control Stress

Learn how to manage stress

Boost Confidence

Live the life you want

Overcome Phobias

Learn to face your fears

Stop Smoking

One session may be all you need

Break Bad Habits

Stop them in their tracks

Deal with Insomnia

Overcome your sleep problems

“Therapy should never be “one size fits all”. I take time to get to know you and understand your goals. We will work together to design a treatment plan which fits around you and your life.”

Overcome Anxiety

As many as 1 in 5 of us suffer from anxiety or depression (ONS, 2013).

Anxiety takes many forms. Some of the most common are:

  • Social anxiety, where the thought of social situations and the fear of what other people may be thinking can cause distress
  • Panic attacks
  • Specific phobias

Symptoms of anxiety include feelings of panic, fear or unease; a racing heart or palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, a tight feeling or “knot” in your chest. Anxiety can also lead to trouble concentrating and sleeping.

Often, the fear of anxiety itself means you increasingly avoid situations which may cause it, making the problem worse and making your world feel smaller and even more scary.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy, applied relaxation, mindfulness and CBT techniques to help you overcome your anxiety.  Hypnosis can provide immediate relief by helping you relax and I will teach you how to relax quickly when you need to.  CBT tools help you understand and change the unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that are the underlying cause of your anxiety.  I will provide you with the tools and techniques to manage your anxiety for yourself in the long-term.

For more information on anxiety:

Control stress

Stress can affect how you think, feel and behave.  Stress feels different for everyone, but common signs include problems sleeping, loss of appetite, headaches, muscle pain or tension and irritability.  It can be difficult to concentrate or think clearly, and even simple things can feel overwhelming.  Left unresolved, stress can lead to anxiety, depression and long-term physical health problems.

I am passionate about prioritising our mental and physical wellbeing and believe that learning how to manage the stress of modern life is crucial.  My aim is to help you build your resilience to stress.

Humans evolved to seek out threats and when we sense threat, we release hormones to help us react faster.  This “fight or flight” response can be useful if we are in a genuinely threatening situation, but all too often “everyday” situations can stimulate our “fight or flight” response leaving our minds and bodies in a constant state of stress.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy, applied relaxation, CBT tools and mindfulness-based techniques to help you manage stress and build your resilience.

Boost Confidence

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is very effective at helping to boost confidence – whether it be general self-esteem, confidence at work, public speaking or social situations.  I will work with you to understand your goals and deal with the fears, underlying beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back.

A lack of confidence in social situations is very common and can have a big impact on your life.  People often believe that others will judge them negatively, and this belief can lead to anxiety. In turn, this anxiety can cause unwanted behaviour such as sweating, blushing, stammering or “clamming up” and not knowing what to say.  Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can help you understand and overcome these underlying fears and beliefs, allowing you to enjoy social situations with ease and confidence.

Overcome Phobias

Phobias can be crippling. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy has a long history of treating phobias and can be extremely effective.

We will work together to identify your underlying fears and gradually and safely expose you to them in hypnosis. This is known as “systematic desensitisation” and studies have shown it to be highly effective at treating phobias.

The beauty of using hypnosis is that you can work through your fears in your imagination, so you control the situation and see results quickly. We will also work to understand and address the underlying thoughts and beliefs that lie behind your phobia and cause your fear in the first place.

Stop Smoking

Whilst most of us know that smoking has a negative impact on our health, it can be very difficult to kick the habit.

Research analysing several different hypnotherapy studies has shown that, on average, smokers are over five times more likely to break the habit with hypnosis than by willpower alone. Hypnotherapy in general is also proven to be more than twice as effective as nicotine gum.

If you really want to stop smoking, one session of hypnotherapy could be all you need. I offer a 2.5 hour session and, should you need it, a free follow-up session within 3 months. I use a variety of techniques to help you “kick the habit”, addressing the underlying reasons smoking has become a habit for you.

Please contact me to find out more.

Insomnia and sleeping problems

Trouble falling or staying asleep is incredibly common and may affect as many as 1 in 3 people in the UK. You may always have found it difficult to sleep, or problems may have started after a stressful period in your life. Regardless of how and when it started, insomnia can take on a life of its own and have a profound effect on your life.

I use cognitive behavioural tools to understand and deal with the things maintaining your sleep problems. I combine these with hypnotherapy, mindfulness and some practical steps to help you learn how to fall and stay asleep easily and naturally. Evidence suggests that a combination of CBT and hypnotherapy is effective for treating insomnia.

Break bad habits

Want to stop bad habits such as nail biting or hair pulling? It’s often said that “habits are a powerful thing”. This is true – but it also means that installing new counter-habits can be just as powerful and can effectively stop bad habits in their tracks.

I offer a two hour session based on proven techniques with a strong success rate. Research has shown that the technique I use leads to an average reduction in habit frequency of 99.5% after 6 months (Chambliss et al, 1998).

My Approach

I use a combination of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness to help you deal with your problems. Read more about hypnotherapy, CBT and mindfulness.

quick and effective

I use a combination of CBT and hypnotherapy, which is proven to be quicker and more effective than CBT alone

My approach incorporates techniques based on the latest scientific evidence

Teaching you to help yourself

My goal is to help you develop the tools to help yourself – not become tied into a long-term therapy programme


I work with you to develop a treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle


My approach incorporates techniques based on the latest scientific evidence

Confidential, ethical & professional

I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and Register for Evidence-based Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, and am bound by their Codes of Ethics

Free initial consultation

Finding someone you feel comfortable working with is the most important thing.  Please contact me for a free, no strings 15 minute phone consultation to find out how I can help


About Me

Mimi Fakhri BSc Dip. CBH GQHP

I’m a fully qualified cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, with a background in psychology.

I am passionate about prioritising our mental and physical well-being and providing people with the tools and skills to help them help themselves. My aim is that you become your own therapist, not reliant on me.

I’m a specialist in relaxation, resilience and stress management. I worked for over 15 years in corporate business, so I understand first hand the pressures of a fast-paced, pressure-filled environment and the difficulties of juggling this with family life.

I have an evidence-based philosophy, which means I believe you have the right to treatment which is based on sound scientific research. This means I keep up to date with the latest scientific research and my approach is based on the best up to date evidence.

I’m registered with with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and Register for Evidence-based Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (REBHP) and am bound to their stringent Codes of Ethics.

It’s really important that you work with someone you feel comfortable with, so please feel free to call me for a chat so you can get a feel for how I could help (or, if you prefer, send me a message).

To find out more about whether cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy could help you, I offer a free, no-strings 15 minute telephone consultation.

Clinic Locations

I run clinics in Kingston and New Malden. Please contact either myself or the clinics for more on times and availability.

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