What to Expect

Everyone is unique and I always try to tailor my services around your goals and requirements. However, the following information is a good guideline for what to expect when working with me.

Free initial consultation (phone or Zoom) - up to 15 mins

This is a chance for us to talk about whether cognitive behavioural therapy or hypnotherapy might be right for you, and for you to get a feel for whether you would like to work with me.

At the end of our call, I may ask you to complete a short pre-consultation questionnaire and might even suggest that you keep a diary or log to help us both understand more about what's going on. This will allow us to move more quickly in the first session.

Initial consultation - 90 mins

The main aim of the initial consultation is for us to get to know one another, understand what's going on, agree your goals and design a treatment plan. Sometimes the first meeting involves hypnosis, but the main focus is on clarifying your expectations and coming up with a plan of action. It is well worth taking this time to establish realistic, meaningful and achievable goals.

As well as being my chance to get to know you, this is also your chance to get to know me and to see whether you feel comfortable working with me - our relationship is a really important part of therapy.

I will probably ask you a lot of questions to understand what's going on. This is also a chance for you to ask questions and find out more about me and my approach. Everyone is different so it's incredibly important you fully understand how therapy works and that I understand what you want to achieve.

During the last part of the consultation, we will discuss treatment options and work together to agree an effective therapy plan that is uniquely tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

Therapy sessions - 60 or 75 mins

During the initial consultation, we'll discuss and agree a preliminary therapy plan and I'll recommend a certain number of sessions which I believe will help you achieve your goals. Everyone is different, and your therapy plan will be designed with you and your goals in mind.

For some people, therapy is very quick and involves only one session. Other people may need more sessions to achieve the results they want. As a rough guide, the average therapy plan involves 5-12 sessions, including the initial consultation.

I highly recommend weekly sessions, but I appreciate that sometimes this can be difficult. We will design a plan that fits you and your life. I may also give you some tasks to do in between sessions. This will help therapy move much faster.

You can choose between 60 or 75 minute sessions - some people prefer slightly longer sessions as it allows us to cover more.

Throughout therapy, we will review to see how things are going and if there is anything we need to change in our plan. My aim is that you quickly develop the skills and tools you need to help yourself in the long term.

For more information, please see How I Can Help and Frequently Asked Questions, or contact me.


My services are completely confidential*, which means I will never share anything you have discussed with another party, unless you give me express permission to do so. I’m a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and REBHP, which means I am bound by their stringent Codes of Ethics.

(*with a few legal exceptions, mainly relating to risk of harm).

"I could not recommend Mimi enough...  it felt like we were a real team and all the work and progress made has completely changed my life and way of thinking
Nov 2021

Fees, Cancellations & Payment

Do you have private medical insurance?

An increasing number of private medical insurers cover hypnotherapy.  Those which do will usually recognise CNHC registration for reimbursement.  If you have private medical insurance, it is worth checking whether hypnotherapy is included within your plan.  Always check with your insurance provider first as specific levels of coverage and annual limits may apply.

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  • First consultation (telephone or Zoom, 15 mins)
  • No charge
  • Initial consultation (90 mins)
  • £80
  • *Subsequent sessions (60 mins)
  • £80
  • *Subsequent sessions (75 mins)
  • £85
  • *Subsequent sessions may be either 60 or 75 mins depending on your preference
  • Smoking cessation (single 2.5 hr session)
  • £195 Free follow-up within 3 months if required
  • Habit stopping (single 2 hr session)
  • £145 Free follow-up within 3 months if required


I accept credit/ debit cards, cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payment is due before or at each session.


I understand that unexpected things happen, but I do ask that, if you need to cancel a session, you provide at least 48 hours' notice.
Cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice will be charged.

"The most important thing in therapy is that you feel comfortable working with your therapist. I offer a free phone or Zoom consultation to help you make your decision, and I work in partnership with you to develop a treatment plan which fits your personality and your lifestyle."

Clinic Locations

I offer online therapy and run clinics in Kingston and New Malden. Please contact me for more on times and availability.

Kingston upon Thames: Kingston Natural Health Centre

31 Old London Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6ND

0208 549 8000


New Malden: The Aston Clinic

26 Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3LS

0208 942 3148


Find out more or book a free 15 minute consultation

0203 868 6393

Call me for a chat, email me at mimi@relaxedmindtherapy.co.uk or get in touch using the form below.

Find out more or book a free 15 minute consultation